The Rapid Wheelmen Racing Team continues to grow for 2008.  We've already gotten to a great start putting together a great team.  Meet the members:


Joel Bierling (Captain)

Nick Christensen

Dave George

Jeff Festian

John Kowalczyk

Mark Bailey

Dave Staublin

Josh Duggan

Brian Krause

Jeff Scofield

Scott Walburn

Thomas McGovern

Ashley Livingston




There are perks (free stuff!) to joining the Race Team.  Anyone of any age and ability who wants to race their bicycle at any discipline (road, cyclocross, mountain biking, etc...) is free to join.  Join or find out more by calling me at 616-633-8601, join our YahooGroup at RWRace@YahooGroups.com, or email me at race@rapidwheelmen.com.


For previous issues of the RacenLog visit: http://www.bierling.net/racenlog.htm


Professional Fitting

I had the experience this month of having a professional fit done at Village Bike Shop.  To say that the fitting process is comprehensive is an understatement.  Over three hours I was interviewed on my health, exercise, cycling history, my goals, and then measured, stretched, and ultimately tested on the fitting size cycle. 


Ok, I have to say, the computer hookup to the size cycle is pretty neat, showing you a ton of different information including your pedal stroke efficiency.  I need this computer built into my bike!  Being able to tune your stroke on the fly while actually riding would be a killer feature.


The main thing I learned was that lower may not necessarily be faster.  Of course, sitting straight up is probably the most comfortable and powerful position, but that will present a tradeoff in terms of aerodynamics (especially important for the time trial (TT) position I was hoping to improve).  The position I had dialed in on my TT bike was very low and, based on the result of the fitting, likely too low.  So my position was brought up and made more compact.  Definitely more comfortable, but is it faster?


Stay tuned for next month's RacenLog where we will see how the Fisk Knob Time Trial goes and hopefully learn the answer!


HopCat Alleycat - Kisscross Cyclocross Series (March 16, 2008)

RTRs: Joel Bierling


I didn't know quite what to expect, and the Alleycat was definitely something unique.  Basically the Kisscross edition could best be described as a scavenger/treasure hunt ranging in area mainly in downtown Grand Rapids between John Ball Park, Gaslight Village, and the Fish Ladder.  It definitely would have helped to put together an RTR team to complete the challenges (more brains and eyes the better), but who cares how I placed (unknown at press time), the important thing was to have fun.