RacenLog October 15, 2007


The cyclocross season is in full swing now.  One great thing about cyclocross is that the races are often held in parks which means a large part of the course is usually visible.  So instead of seeing the racers only a few times during the race like a typical mountain bike or road race, they are often visible for most of the race.   They are a great family event.  Give it a try!

I know there is some concern out there about not having a proper “cyclocross” bike.  Mountain bikes are fine.  I even used my road bike last year just swapping out the tires for some 28c knobbies.

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Freemont -- Kisscross Cyclocross Series (October 13, 2007)
RTRs: Joel Bierling (A’s 10th), Dave George (A’s DNF), Jeff Festian (B’s 22nd)
72 racers for the A, B, and C races.  That’s a great turnout!  This was my first cyclocross race of the year with a “new to me” cyclocross bike and I had a great time.  I was a little apprehensive of my ability to smoothly get over the barriers but they didn’t present any problems except for me forgetting about them on the first lap and almost not getting off the bike in time.  Dave wasn’t quite so lucky and got to know one a little too intimately.

The course was through a very hilly park just north of Freemont.  I love hills.  Unfortunately for me, a barrier was at the bottom of one of them which forced everyone off their bikes to carry or push their bike up the hill.  I would have much preferred the challenge of riding up.  That hill was steep!  Thanks to all the spectators for the encouragement for getting up the hill.  I felt guilty if I didn’t make it exciting enough by not running up all the way!

My main problem was that once again I found myself unable to count above 3 while racing.  I need to find some reliable method of counting laps.  Jeff suggested attaching (and then removing) a strip of tape to the bike for every lap so I might try that.  I wonder though if they make hand clicker counters with handlebar attachments?  In any case, on what was apparently the last lap I thought I still had another lap to go and didn’t quite press hard enough going up the hills to try to establish a lead over my riding group.  So out of the group of three I was riding with I got dropped on the downhill to the finish.  I’m not really sure I could have changed that even if I had charged on the last lap, but maybe next time with a better counting system, I can try to plan better.

The extras provided with the race (before race snacks, roasted pig, pie, drinks, prizes, etc…) were excellent.  Wow.